Absolutely Clear

Jolly Roger Products, makers of Absolutely Clear®, the World's First ALL DAY No Fog, invites you to try the best. Over 1 million satisfied users. Available at dive stores across the USA and Canada. If your favorite store does not stock Absolutely Clear®, ask them to order it.

Retailers, contact one of our distributors to order Absolutely Clear®, or contact us to order direct.

Absolutely Clear® is distributed by:
Cetacea Corp., Innovative Scuba Concepts and Trident Diving Equipment. For distributor information, contact Jim at the address below.

If you pay the postage, we will send you free sample packs. Just deposit $.49 to the PayPal account diverjnola@earthlink.net to cover the cost of mailing and we will get them out to you. Then just email your address to us, and wait for your free samples to arrive. Thanks for your interest in Absolutely Clear®.

Absolutely Clear® believes in supporting efforts to create artificial reefs for scuba diving. Please visit the following websites to learn how you can participate in this worthwhile endeavor.

Reef Ball Foundation, Inc.
The Reef Ball Development Group, Ltd.
Eternal Reefs, Inc.

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